Zinc is Anti-Depressant

Data from two Australian studies on older adults (55+ yrs) showed those with the highest dietary zinc intake had a 30-50% lower risk of depression [PMID: 25012438]

🎯 A meta-analysis of 17 different studies found that people diagnosed with depression have lower serum levels of zinc, than healthy controls [PMID: 23806573].

🎯 Zinc has been shown to be an effective addition to anti-depressant therapy [PMID: 14730113]. Patients had significantly lower depression scores after 6 & 12 weeks of zinc supplementation compared to placebo.

🎯 Thirty young women were put into two groups. One group received a daily multivitamin, while the other group received multivitamin + zinc. After 10 weeks, those in the zinc group had significantly lower scores on both anger-hostility, and depression ratings [PMID: 20087376].

These ☝️ are just a handful of the dozens of studies showing the benefits of zinc for mental health. It’s theorised that zinc exerts anti-depressant effects due to its role in regulating the glutamatergic system.

Although I preach often (you know I do!) about zinc, please be aware that zinc supplementation can have its own side-effects down the track, namely copper depletion.

Hence, I choose food first. Highest known source of zinc is oysters and other shellfish, followed (but a long way behind) by red meat, eggs…Im not a fan of the taste + texture of oysters so I take in capsule form. I use Saturee brand which are sourced from Tasmanian waters. (Affiliate link. Use code ‘RADICAL’ for 10% off!)

*Not medical advice. Please do not take yourself off anti-depressant drugs unless under the guidance and advice of a competent healthcare provider. Those drugs are no joke!

But on the other hand, be encouraged that nourishing yourself can and will be beneficial for your mind ❤️

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