How Late-Night Scrolling Undermines Your Health & Hormones

We know melatonin as our ‘sleep hormone’ but did you know that all light,*especially blue light* (such as LED lights and device screens) after sunset delays and decreases melatonin production?

Melatonin helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, which is so much more than just our sleep/wake cycle. Our reproductive hormones, metabolism and even gene expression are also influenced by the circadian rhythm.

Even our hair growth, for goodness sake!! 😳 (True story)

Melatonin and cortisol have an inverse relationship. When one is high, the other is low, and vice versa. Rising melatonin in the evening (due to our eyes sensing fading light) prepares us for sleep, while rising cortisol in the early morning, prepares us to wake up and face the day.

A circadian rhythm that’s out of whack results in rising cortisol in the evening (a ‘second wind’ at 10pm), and rising melatonin in the morning (sluggish and don’t want to get out bed). Definitely not what we want.

Disruption to circadian rhythm not only feels like perpetual jet-lag, it also contributes to insulin resistance, obesity,, inflammation, and infertility.

Hence, why nightshift workers are at increased risk of diabetes, infertility, heart disease, metabolic disorders, and even cancer.

Binging on Netflix at night starting to look not so tempting, after all 🥴

We all know coffee disrupts circadian rhythm, but researchers have discovered that blue light exposure in the evening delays circadian rhythms 2x more than a double-expresso, three hours before bed …

Be mindful that melatonin supplements provide 10-100x higher levels than our bodies would naturally produce, so instead, consider lifestyle & environmental changes, such as dim lights (red tone) in the evening, and limiting screen time before bed. Make bedroom as dark as possible. Even dim light, such as LED alarm display beside bed, can affect melatonin levels.

Natural melatonin is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory hormone that helps our body rest and repair while we sleep. We want (need!) this hormone!

Check out Block Blue Light products if you want to minimise blue light, but just ain’t willing to put your phone down in the evening 😜 (Free shipping worldwide, on orders over $120 AUD. Use code ‘radical’ for 10% off at checkout.)

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